Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Mystery Piece...

There seems to be a mystery piece in the January directions for the Quilt Doodle BOM. I've gotten tons of email about the mysterious 'B'. I have no great explanation.... the software I use for designing kicked the 'B' piece out for me. I left this 'B' piece on the pattern sheet, it was a complete oversight on my part to leave it there with no explanation. While working on this block I decided there's an easier way to make this 'piece' of the quilt so I drew up the wedge piece with the 'fold' marked on it. For our grandmothers and great grandmothers they would have more than likely used the 'B' piece and fussed with folding the edges over and ironing the finished edge using a bit of spray starch.... I don't know about you but I will find a shortcut if I can, so that is when the other piece showed up.... the one you fold over right sides together and sew the one end and voila! a finished edge. I can't say that I didn't find piece 'B' useful, I did.... let me show you how I used it in a quirky goofy way to check my blades.....
Here is the wedge shape I have you cut for the blades of the Dresden plate.

Then following the directions you fold it over, sew the edge and then turn it right side out to form the blade  that is shown in the picture. (You can see the directions explaining this in the background.)

Here's where I probably break a few quilt rules.... I used the mysterious 'B' piece to measure my single blade for my block... I line up the 'finished' solid line with the finished edge of the blade, and the unfinished edges line up with the dotted line on the 'B' piece. This is how I checked my blades.

I hope that this answers your questions about 'B'. It's not a necessary piece unless you want to be old school about putting the block together or use it to check your sizing. I didn't mean to add any confusion to the first blocks.
January's directions are only FREE this month, then after that they will be found on my Etsy site for a small fee. The patterns can also be found on Craftsy but since their new redesign of the website, it has been harder to find. Remember the patterns can also be found each month on the
Quilt Doodle website
I have a special 2017 tab. If you are viewing the website on your phone or mobile device, you may not be looking at the website in it's full version. So scroll down to the bottom of the 'page' and click on the view full version so it expands the page so that you get everything.
Fat Quarter bundles of 16 fat quarters are available in my Etsy store to get you started.
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I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's little piggies and kittens.

          Let’s have some quilty fun!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Embroidered Kitty, So Cute!

Did you know that you could do my applique designs up as embroidery instead? It's pretty easy.... just trace the applique layout design onto your fabric and there you go! (I just used a good 'ol pencil to trace the design onto the white circle.) A design to embroider! I know that not everyone is an applique fan like me, so embroidery is a nice alternative if you still want to join in on this years BOM. I added a couple of lazy daisy flowers in blue to glam up the design a little bit. I'm still trying to decide if I will do two quilts. One with the applique and one with embroidery.

My sweet embroidered kitty will be a pillow to go with my finished quilt. The Dresden block that I made was my original 'demo' one to check on sizing, well it was goofy for size so I thought, hummmm what can I do with this. A pillow of coarse. It would be a cute dresser scarf too. My grandmother believed in dresser scarves to protect the wood finish. Right now, this happy little circle is sitting on my desk awaiting to be finished.

I still have some fat quarter kits in my Etsy shop to get you started on this years BOM. It's a collection of happy 1930's fabrics from a variety of fabric designers. Sixteen beautiful fabrics...

Hope you have a wonderful day and find some time to sew!
Happy quilting,

Sunday, January 1, 2017

January's Blocks! A sweet little kitten and piggy!

Happy New Year! I finally have this month's posting done! Sometimes technology fights with me and things take a little time. Which reminds me of all the long car rides we took to grandma and grandpa's house! They lived on a farm in North Dakota and we lived either in Texas, New York or the closest state, Minnesota. We were always so anxious to get to grandma's! I've been so anxious to get this posted that it seems it has taken be twice as long, sorta like how all those car rides felt. So for this month I have two block designs for you, a sweet little kitten and pig. My grandparents always had kittens on the farm and us girls loved them! While visiting we always took the time to hunt down where mama kitty hid the litter, and then we would take the time to name them all. (Fluffy, Cotton ball, Ginger....) My grandparents never had any piggies but my husband grew up on a farm that did. I just couldn't resist making a little pink pig. This year's BOM is a very traditional design using 1930's fabrics. These fabrics remind me so much of grandma and her cotton dresses. I hope that you have fun with this pattern. January's pattern is chock full of info. You will get the directions on how to make the Dresden plate block. Feel free to make all 12 Dresden circles if you would like. The left over fabric from the Dresden Blades will be used for the applique designs. Remember the blocks are set on point. The supply list can be found on my website along with this month's directions. January's directions are only FREE this month, then after that they will be found on my Etsy site for a small fee. So let's get started....

Using the blade template cut 1 blade for each fabric.
16 different fabrics total for each block.
You will make 12 blocks all together for this quilt.
Fold the blade in half lengthwise, right sides together and sew a quarter inch seam along the short straight edge (Top edge). This will form the 'point' when you turn it right side out.

Here I have all my blades pressed for one block.

Sew your blades together in pairs, right sides together. Continue to sew blades together along the long side until you form a 16 section plate.

I love the scrappiness of this 'plate'.

I ironed the circle in half, then in half again. And one more time so that I have 'markers' for lining up my circle with my plate section.

I line the seam up with the folded marking and ease my circle and plate section together.
I hold it all together with pins.
I sew the two together with a 1/4" seam.

The center is the perfect spot for an applique!

I have fused my applique pieces onto the centers of the circles.
I then machine applique around the edges to finish off the design.

For the cat I use my machine's buttonhole stitch to 'draw' the cat.
I followed the drawing that is included in the pattern sheet for January.
"Little Piggy"
I added an embroidered pink tail!

I used black floss to embroider the kitty's whiskers.
For the kitten's little nose, I used a tiny button.
I have not appliqued my Dresden plates onto my 12 1/2" white squares yet. I'm planning some hand stitching in front of the tv tonight.
Patterns can be found on the Quilt Doodle website and on Craftsy (Not until the 1st of the month):
Fat Quarter bundles of 16 fat quarters are available in my Etsy store to get you started.
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I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's little piggies and kittens.

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Thank you!!!

          Let’s have some quilty fun!
 photo BOM 2017_zpsfwh6tg76.jpg

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Quilt Doodle BOM ~ A Traditional Mystery!

I have a new BOM for 2017. It's going to be fun to follow along. I have decided it's time to switch things up a bit and step away from a holiday quilt and make one that can be left out all year round. So for this year we will make a more traditional quilt using some 'traditional' fabrics. I will be using some 1930 reproductions for mine. It will be a bright and happy quilt that reminds me of the farm and grandma's house. To get ready for this quilt I have included a list of supplies below and the layout of the quilt. It will be a combination of piecing and applique. The base the design is a traditional Dresden plate.

Finished measurement 63” x 80”
Small print fabric work best for this quit. Yardage… is an estimate with extra added in.
6 1/2 yards cream/ white background 
¾ yards green
½ yard- binding
16 different fat quarters- an assortment of colors will work best, the extra fabric left over from the Dresden design will be used for appliqué designs. The Aunt Grace line of fabric from Marcus Brothers would work nicely for this mystery quilt.
Backing – 6 yards
Heat n Bond Lite
Dark brown or black thread for machine appliqué

A new section or appliqué design will be announced the first of every month. The first section will be out January 1st. (2017) Patterns are FREE the month that they are released, as soon as the next month is released the previous patterns will still be available for a small fee… here are the links. What kind of quilt is it… I will tell you it is not a holiday quilt. There are no snowmen this time around. The appliqué designs are a collection of what you would find if you went to my grandparent's home.

Tutorials can be found on the Doodle blog:
Patterns can be found on the website and on Craftsy (Not until the 1st of the month):
Fat Quarter bundles of 16 fat quarters are available in my Etsy store to get you started.
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Thank you!!!
          Let’s have some quilty fun!
 photo BOM 2017_zpsfwh6tg76.jpg

Monday, December 19, 2016

Lola Loves the Snow!

I couldn't leave Lola out and not design something in her honor! Since I've been on a doodling roll, I drew up an adorable husky. Those of you who follow me on Instagram have seen a kazillion pictures of my grand puppy, Lola. She is a hoot with her own Instagram page.... Lolathefluffball. Her smile is as big as her personality. Can you imagine a puppy that sings along to Rihanna and says 'I love you'? She certainly is a character and we all love her so. I love it when Lola visits. She's such a sweet girl. This is Lola's favorite time of year, she LOVES snow. So it is very fitting that her sweater is full of snowflakes! Lola is all ready for Christmas and can't wait for the celebrations to begin! Santa certainly will be leaving this sweet girl a new toy in her Christmas sock.

Wilson is looking forward to Lola's visit on Christmas.
I'm off to wrap some more gifts today and make some caramel for my neighbors.

Hope you have a wonderful day too!
Happy Christmas Quilting,

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Rudolph's Sweater

Look who's all decked out in a brand new sweater! It's Rudolph! Mr. and Mrs. Claus must be having a Christmas party for the elves and reindeer to get them all pumped up for Christmas eve. Rudolph is wearing his adorable Ho, Ho, Ho sweater. It's so festive!

I wonder who will show up tomorrow in their Christmas sweater?
Stop on back to see! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

I'm off to mom's to make lefsa today with my sisters.
Hope you have a wonderful day!
Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Wilson's Sweater

So when does inspiration hit? Not month's before Christmas but, a week before. I have been busy doodling away on some new designs for Christmas and it was all due to Wilson. Thank you Wilson. My poor puppy hasn't been feeling all that great lately. He's been to the vet and has been taking some meds but still not sure what's going on with him. Apparently when I'm worried, I also doodle. I can never tell when ideas will pop in my head. It's never a great time, two in the morning, driving to work, while at work or at home when I should be getting the house ready for Christmas. So I will be sharing some last minute projects with you this week. Starting today. Some adorable cuteness for the Christmas season. Thank you Wilson for looking so handsome in your sweater and keeping me company as I stitched away last night. You sparked my imagination!

Wilson is all decked out in his Christmas sweater and all ready to go for a walk outside!

Happy Holidays!
I'm off to wrapped some gifts.... I'm so far behind.